Avon Skincare Products Do Not Disappoint

The Anew and Anew Clinical lines from Avon are helping improve the appearance of all skin types, with specific ingredients that target a wide array of concerns. The anti-aging benefits are packed in to each jar, bottle, and pump so you can start seeing results right away. One area where Avon invests quite a bit of effort is in skincare. Avon owns the Avon Skincare Institute, which develops these wonderful anti-aging products for all skin types. It is also responsible for producing over 600, yes six hundred, patents for skin care formulations. Avon truly knows what works, and has been on the cutting edge of skincare science for many decades. Since Avon holds so many patents, they are able to offer up the best formulas in their own products at an affordable price point to their customers, as they generally omit advertising and rely on independent sales representatives to market these amazing products.


Avon has also partnered with celebrity Dermatologist, Dr. Kim Nichols, who has recommended Anew clinical treatments over in-office procedures such as botox, chemical peels and microdermabrasion! There are Anew products and treatments that can improve tone and texture, lift, brighten, reduce wrinkles, protect, hydrate, and reverse signs of aging.

I personally have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of my skin since I started using Anew. I’m still amazed at how much my skin has improved, and how much money I have been saving as well. To be honest, I would pay five times the amount these products cost, because they are that great. Here is my before and after picture.


I will be exploring each product individually, as I believe each Anew line and treatment deserves to be highlighted and explained on its own, also taking into account the ingredients and customer reviews, so follow this page to receive those updates!

In the meantime, you can get started with an incredible skincare routine with my quick online skin advisor consultation.

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