Safe Bug Spray and Mosquito Repellant

They finally showed the mosquito warning on the news this morning, so he were go. The summer months are upon us, and where I live, we happen to be having non-stop rain. The weather is actually perfect for pesky insects to breed. Mosquitos, mimis, no-see-ems, ticks, and flies. I’ve already seen them all! So, thank you Avon, and thank you Bug Guard! This is the only insect repellent product I am comfortable using on myself and my family. I can’t use anything with deet, and even though I’ve successfully used Skin So Soft original formula in the past, I’m thankful we have this safe alternative.
All of our insect repellent formulas are dermatologist-tested, Deet-free,
PABA-free and contain vitamin E!

It’s also the perfect time to stock up or try Bug Guard for the first time, as we are running a 50% off promotion! Choose from several formulas:

In case you found yourself without Bug Guard in the past, there is also a soothing anti-itch spray that works on a variety of skin irritations.

My top pick in this collection is the disappearing color Bug Guard with SPF 30. I love that it’s a 2 in 1 product, it’s pediatrician tested, and you don’t need to worry about washing it off when you’re done playing.

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