How to Host an Avon Class

Hosting or “teaching” an Avon class is a fun variation on a traditional in-home party. There is no one right way to do it, but I’ll share here how I have been successful putting on a class.

If you’ve been to repfest, or even taken the training on Avon U, you may be certified by Avon in Anew Skincare, True Color Makeup, or both. I was lucky enough to personally attend celeb dermatologist Dr. Kim Nichols’ skincare certification class, and celeb makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan’s color certification class. If you’re a customer or a team member who need help or have questions about Avon Anew skincare or makeup, please contact me! You don’t need to be certified to have this type of party.  Just do your research. If it’s skincare,  know your ingredients and what they do! Avon has tons of resources!

I generally like to plan a class about 6 to 8 weeks in advance. This allows me a chance to get the Avon What’s New, and study the brochure that will be out during the time of our class. If you are going with makeup, focus on one area, such as eyes. If your campaign features certain products, focus on those! A lot of women will prefer to take a skincare or makeup application class over attending a product party because there is less pressure to socialize, and they know a little more what to expect.

If you choose to focus on eyes, make sure you let people know in your event title. You might want to call it something like the Amazing Eyes Class. In my experience, it’s best to charge a materials fee for the class. This way, your guests are paying in advance for their products, and you are demoing the application for free.

As far as what to charge, I try to pass along as much discount as I can in the class kit to the customers attending. A great eyes class kit may include primer, a brush, a shadow palette, liner, mascara, and brow pencil. Choose all neutral and universally flattering shades. It’s great to include a cosmetic bag if avon is offering one during your campaign. Add up the retail on the products you choose, and determine what your cost is. Set your fee somewhere in the middle of those two numbers. Even though your customers are receiving a lot of product for their money, keep the cost of the class under $35. You can certainly say that over $50 of product is included in the fee! If you’re unable to front load your product, have an RSVP cutoff date, and collect the fee for the class when your guests RSVP. This will give you time to order all the materials you need.

It’s a great idea to create an event for your class on facebook that will allow you to manage guests. You can decide to limit the number attending if you have a limited capacity in your space. Everyone needs a chair and workspace for a class type of party. Tell them they may want to bring their own stand up mirror to use. Make sure you always personally reach out by phone and text to your guests and customers to let them know about the special event!

Make your class look and feel welcoming and fun. Put your own signature vibe into it. Love avon jewelry? Try setting up black felt jewelry holders with your favorite pieces to demo as centerpieces! Known for your Espira business? Hand out shots of PM restore! Are you always raving about your Anew routine? Massage some platinum PM on top of each guests hand as they arrive. The skies the limit. Use your samples, your demos, and your imagination.

It’s great to offer incentives at your event as well! Maybe print up a class offer to hand out with a brochure as your guests arrive. Or, you can place them at each “work station,” where you set up each eye makeup kit. Offer your customers 10% off their brochure order that they place during the class. Offer a free Abox for an order over $100! Have the Abox there to demo, it can serve as a great centerpiece as well. Better yet, have Aboxes ready to go on hand for those big orders! You will be eligible to purchase them along with your class materials, and these will serve as a great incentive to order that day. And your guests will feel spoiled by you! Ultimately, it’s your business, make your own rules, and your own offers.

Unsure of your own eye makeup skills to actually teach a class? No worries, check out Avon U on your representative page, AND browse tutorials on YouTube. Have enough to cover the basics, focus on 2 or 3 solid tips that you love, and let your guests have fun! Don’t forget to demo products like eye creams and concealers to build your over all party order!

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