What’s New For Representatives

As a representative, remember you can take advantage of shopping ahead of your customers.

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Take advantage of demo offers in each campaign at special prices based on your order size and title level. Earn an extra rebate for achieving a President’s Recognition Program level or placing an order of $440 or more.

Demos are available to order from What’s New two campaigns prior to their introduction in the brochure. Demos, samples, sales tools and brochures count toward your campaign order total and your credit limit.

Demo Discount: Demo prices in What’s New reflect a 40% discount from brochure prices for most products. Your exact demo discount depends on your achievement title as well as your order size.

President’s Recognition Program members are guaranteed a 40% discount on all demos, except fixed-earnings items (marked with a symbol), which are discounted by 30% for PRP members and 25% for all Contenders (Representatives who have not yet reached President’s Club).

Demo Rebate: You may qualify for a rebate by achieving a President’s Recognition Program level or placing an order of $440 or more.

Demo Limit: Order demos up to your demo limit: McConnell Club and Above: 15; Rose Circle: 10; Honor Society: 5; President’s Club: 3; Contender: 1. When products are available in multiple sizes, colors or varieties, you may mix or match these choices up to your limit.

Special Offers: Order unlimited quantities of key products at a reduced cost so you can earn more. *****The “Your Cost” prices in What’s New count toward Award Sales and Earnings Level, and are used to calculate Leadership Bonus/Earnings if purchased by a member of your downline team and her order is paid in full.

As an Avon representative, you have access to this special brochure called the What’s New! This is actually our demo book, and it allows you to order new collections in advance, as well as the opportunity to stock up on popular products for up to 50% off. Just click on the cover!