How much will I earn selling Avon?

There are two ways to earn money with Avon, through sales and through leadership.

When you join for as low as $25.00, you will automatically be enrolled in the kickstart program,  which allows you to earn 40% on your sales right away! This program is only for NEW reps and it sets you up to earn $1000.00 in your first 90 days.

After kickstart, this is how much you will earn through your own personal sales.


Representative Level

President’s Recognition Program Level

Your Earnings Level: is based on order size, product category and sales achievement level, and applies to orders from your online store as well as orders.

You’ll receive variable earnings, as shown above, on Beauty and Jewelry products, and fixed earnings on Fashion and Home products, which are indicated by a symbol in the brochure. Earnings on products with this symbol are 25% for members of the President’s Recognition Program and 20% for all other Representatives.

All products within the Avon brochure, Avon online, mark. Magalog, Outlet, Specialty or Novelty flyers, fundraisers, samples, sales tools and a portion of the price of Demonstration products (Demos) count toward Earnings Level. Starter Kits and recruiting tools do not count toward Earnings Level.