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Skin So Soft Products


I love the variety of products available within the Skin So Soft line.  Avon uses the best, most high-quality oils in this line to make your skin healthy and glowing!  Jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, babassu oil, macadamia oil, evening primrose oil… like what you are reading so far?  You will love Skin So Soft products!

There are staples, the tried and true classics like Original Bath Oil.  There are also hidden gems like the Firming Neck and Chest Cream and DD body cream.  For Summer, Skin So Soft offers multiple ways to glow!  And of course, there’s bug guard.  What’s even better, is that all of the Skin So Soft products are currently on sale or available in a special discount offer!


The Original Skin So Soft launched in the 1960’s and has a cult following for good reasons!  It is made with skin-loving jojoba oil, smells herbaciously fresh, has a myriad of uses, and makes your skin… well, so soft! Check out the amazing deals we have going on right now!

Supreme Nourishment

Infused with macadamia nut oil and a macadamia-vanilla scent, this is the most comforting version of Skin So Soft, perfect for the driest skin, or anyone who loves the yummy scent.  Check out the Supreme Nourishment line here.

Radiant Moisture

Argan oil works to improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture in this peony musk scented Skin So Soft line!

sss_radiant-moistureRadiant Moisture offers lots of options to pamper you, check them all out here.

Soft & Sensual

Soft & Sensual Skin So Soft also uses Argan oil to pamper you!  The soft spicy floral scent is incredibly warm and inviting.  None of the  Skin So Soft fragrances are over powering, and they do not linger for a long time after you use or apply these products.  The Soft & Sensual line is available here, also at stock-up worthy prices!

Firm & Restore

This is my personal favorite!  The Firm & Restore line is infused with babassu oil and has a green floral scent.  Babassu oil, in my opinion is superior to coconut oil and you NEED this in your life.  2018-c11-sss_firm-restoreThere is a ton of info you can google about the miracle that is babassu, so if you’re interested, do a little research.  I love that I can trust Avon to bring us the best in so many ways.  These products are the best I have found for firming skin, helping with cellulite, and beautifying the neck and chest area, restoring a youthful appearance.

Radiant Glow and Satin Glow

Exfoliate and moisturize with special oils for a healthy summer glow!  The dry oil mist contains gold flecks, coconut oil, and evening primrose oil!  Both items in the Radiant Glow collection are on sale as well.
Use Satin Glow products to enhance your tan, perfect your skin tone, or build a sunless tan!

Fresh & Smooth

Remove unwanted hair from your face and body gently, and without irritation.  Fresh & Smooth products contain meadowfoam oil and protect your skin while you shave, or use our safe hair removal creams.

Bug Guard

Of course, there are times we need to prevent bug bites!  Trust America’s #1 deet free repellent.  Read up on the Bug Guard line in my blog through this link.



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