belif the true cream aqua bomb

If you haven’t checked out what’s new at Avon recently, take a look and you’ll find not only Avon brand products, but just like Ulta and Sephora, you will see other top beauty brands making their way into the Avon store! One addition I am really excited about is belif! These moisturizers have been at the top of Korea’s highly competitive beauty market since they launched, and up until now you had to go to Sephora if you wanted to purchase in the U.S. Great news–now you can buy from your friend!

Or as always, you can buy from yourself at a discount if you sign up for an Avon account. The current cost to join is $0, Yes, FREE, but only for a limited time! What a great way to get belif for at least 25% off!

Here is a great video from belif to help you dive in to aqua bomb…

If you want the creamier version for dryer skin, you will love the moisturizing bomb! Beauty bloggers are LOVING it too! (about 6:45 in…)


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