For reps only: here come the product launches!

The next FIVE campaigns in a row feature CORE product launches! It all starts this week with Anew Ultimate Dual Elixir. I’ve been using this one for over a month and I really did my homework on it. Did you see my Facebook live on this? There really is nothing even close to this product. I’m in love and the results speak for themself. I think it’s worth the $25 to become a rep just to get the discounts and freebies Avon is offering for us with this launch!

(Click the cover to check out each magazine.)

So after this in two weeks we launch a new cosmetic product! Glimmer eye shadow wands! I am trying them all, and here are my favorite ones so far:

You can check out all the shades in the What’s New for Representatives book, and go ahead and order these demos today.

Campaign 9 has the SWEETEST mother’s day items, PLUS the launch of a new chic fragrance, Avon Flourish: Honey Blossom. You can start ordering the mother’s day demos in two weeks, well before the public launch.

Campaign 10. You have to be kidding me. Another Anew launch!!! As a major skincare junkie I’m totally in heaven right now. We get an improved vitamin C serum plus two new vitamin C products! I soooooo can’t wait for this!

And to top it all off, just in time for warm weather, Avon launches tinted primer. Because who needs foundation in the summer? I love it and I’m so excited for myself and everyone else who already loves magix and misses our old cc and bb products!

As you can see, NOW is the time to join Avon, and I’d love to have you on my team!

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