Avon x Julia is coming!!! This line of jewelry stands for being your best self!!!

Designing a jewelry line was a dream come true, and it has been such an incredible journey. It has opened up so many possibilities for me, allowed me to connect with more creative and enthusiastic people, and helped me push past my own boundaries! Each piece in my collection stands for pushing past limiting beliefs and manifesting joy in the present moment!

This collection was designed in the spirit of abundance, peace, creativity, connection, and love! Each time I wear mine, I remember to step into these ways of being.

I was very excited to see this what’s new magazine!! This means my jewelry line will be launching in campaign 26, just in time for the holidays! What’s New is for Representatives only, but I am too excited not to share it with everyone… this is what the brochure cover will look like.

Of course I have some additional photos of the collection, as well. I can’t wait to share this with all of my friends, family, and customers!

My inspiration for the design of this line of jewelry was my grandmother’s own signature jewelry set. She wore a beautiful plain gold teardrop pendant and matching earrings for at least ten years. I knew they were special to her and I always believed my grandfather had invested quite a bit and perhaps surprised her for an anniversary. She loved that set, and I loved seeing how much joy she had with it on!

It wasn’t until years after she passed away and I was able to go through some of her belongings, that i found this special set of jewelry and discovered that it was from Avon! And it still looked so beautiful after all those years.

I was truly inspired to work on this collaboration with Avon to create a line of jewelry that can become your signature set–and have pieces to enhance your look for different occasions. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

The Julia collection will be released in time for the holidays, and will make a perfect gift for any visionary woman!!

I’ll post updates and let you know when you can order 🙂 it os available directly from me now, and online in late November.

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