Creating a Successful Mindset

The longer I am in direct sales the more I realize what being successful is all about. It’s the person’s mindset. Here is one way we can create a more successful mindset towards our business.

Let’s say, your goal was to make $1,000 in sales this week, or recruit 3 new people to your team. Most people set goals and do not care if they achieve them. What is the point of that? You don’t want to be most people. You want to be at the top of your business, and that means that when you set a goal or say you will do something, you come through one hundred percent.

Now let’s add some motivation to your goal. If you make your goal, you will earn a free trip. Will you make your goal? What is that energy like?

Let’s keep going. If you make your goal, you will be able to pay for your kids new shoes. Will you make your goal? How does that feel?

What about this. If you don’t make your goal, you’ll never see your family again. Will you make your goal? Hell yes. You will be unstoppable. Do you feel that? If it seemed impossible before, now it’s getting done no question. And it’s just a shift in the way you look at it or feel about your goal.

A person may not feel worthy of a vacation, or shoes. Most people do feel worthy of their family.

When you think it’s not possible you are wrong.

Your mind is playing a trick on you. (Actually it is your ego that is tricking you out of your alignment with your source that is nothing but unlimited abundance. But I don’t want to sound too spiritual here because that’s not for everyone. But the truth is the truth and it applies to everyone.)

I guarantee that if it is URGENT enough, you will accomplish your goal. If you put something on the line that matters to you, customers and team members will show up. You need to learn how to associate that type of urgency with your business and you will always be very successful. No excuses.

Most people have excuses for everything. Take being late. Some people will have excuses that seem reasonable, like there was traffic. Some may label themselves and say they are always late. But put something that is important to them in the mix. Maybe it’s money. If being on time would guarantee $100,000.00 automatically goes in their bank account, do you think they will be on time? Of course! They will probably be five hours early!

People who achieve their goals work at them as if their life depends on it. We are all familiar with rags to riches stories in direct sales business. How a young mother was deserted and desperate to provide for her kids. In those stories, there is actual urgency. It’s a rock bottom moment that has left the person no choice but to become successful in their business.

The good news is, you do not need to be desperate or at rock bottom to be successful in your business. You don’t need to actually be starving. You just need to associate that emotional connection to your business practices. If you really want to be the best, Make your business your priority and handle it as if everything is on the line, and a hundred grand is going to appear in your bank account.

Your takeaway is this simple tool: Keep asking yourself, and giving yourself honest answers. Am I acting as if everything is on the line?


  1. I love this article and as a fellow rep for two or three years I forget which the last line of you just need to be emotionally attached to the outcome sinks in real good for me.. Love it!


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