Get to know your Avon Rep a little more…

My first year with Avon has been huge!  I became an Avon Representative for a few reasons, when the opportunity presented itself it actually fit several of my needs at once!  I have always been an entrepreneur, I grew up in a family of female business owners.  My grandmother was an Avon representative, my mother was a dentist with her own business, and when I finished law school, it wasn’t too long before I started a practice of my own.

I honestly didn’t mind the stress of my legal career (or the 60 plus hours a week) whatsoever until my daughter Grace was born.  I decreased my work hours as much as possible, but I always felt depleted from my job when I really needed the energy to be present with my baby.  She started daycare at 8 months old and I’ll never forget how much I cried that day.  She was perfectly happy about it, by the way! And that day I decided to make it my priority to pick her up from school every day by myself.  I knew if I had a sitter or family member do it, it would be too easy for me to get wrapped up in things at the office and return home after dinner and probably after she went to sleep.  That was never going to happen, because every part of my being wanted to be with my sweet little girl as much as possible!

I wish I had started Avon when she was a baby, but I did it right after she turned five.  At that point, I was struggling with work stress, my cortisol was through the roof, and I knew I needed a really good hobby.  I was wishing for a second stream of income too, but I couldn’t figure that part out either.  I’m really a person who needs to be busy all the time, I needed to shift some things around so I could also spend the time with my daughter.  I really needed balance, a hobby that was something beautiful, and feminine, and creative!  Something Grace might be able to share with me as well.  I started seeing the stress of my profession on my face, and I began ordering Avon products from Adrianne Curry online.  I hooked up with her on facebook, and I had kind of forgotten how great the Anew line was for a while!  Well, I had great success with my skincare products, to say the least. anewbanda  I was actually getting so many compliments and people asking me what I was doing, that I began to think about selling the products myself.I found my hobby that balanced and complimented my life perfectly.  I even started taking our Espira Calm vitamins to reduce that cortisol, and I am much happier in both my careers now!

Yes I did say both careers.  The hobby escalated quickly as the more time I put into it, the more I began achieving and advancing with Avon.  I grabbed on to this opportunity for a second and even third stream of income with this awesome company.

I started seeing how sharing Avon was helping my family, friends, and customers meet their needs.  I was able to save them money and get the highest quality products to them.  Everyone is always so happy to place orders!  I was able to give them an opportunity to earn extra money, or work from home, and the ability to connect in this way became very rewarding.

I also loved it when I found out about the incentives you could earn. I like to break down all those requirements into easy little puzzle pieces to make it fun and doable. I was able to earn an all expense paid cruise to Bermuda that way, AND all of the entries to win my pink Mini Cooper!  Most recently, I have been able to explore my creativity by designing my own jewelry line in a collaboration with Avon.  This has been quite the process and has grown my appreciation for this company even more.  The jewelry line itself launches in fourth quarter and I will be featured in the national campaign just in time for the Holidays!  My daughter has never been so proud of me as the day I presented my jewelry and spoke on stage in front of thousands of people at the nationwide arena.  She melts my heart.


My top three tips for being a beauty boss:

  1. Treat it like a business. If you were the employee, would you give yourself a raise?
  2. Tell everyone you know what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to share what you love about Avon.
  3. Follow up with your customers, but also get to know them. Remember their kids names AND their favorite Avon fragrance!

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