Back to school time means fundraising too!

Work with a Pro!

I recently became certified by Avon as a pro in organizational fundraising. Prior to my certification I already had experience conducting fundraisers for a local church.
I’m so excited to be able to conduct s larger scale fundraiser very soon. It’s such a great win win scenario through Avon. As reps, we are able to give back to the community and Avon rewards us for doing the work, even giving credit towards that next fabulous vacation incentive!

Fundraising Options

When you need to raise money for your school, sports team, band, church, or non profit organization, Avon makes it very easy to raise the funds needed. There are a variety of fundraising opportunities, and the organization can select one or all of the options.

Each year, we see a new exclusive collectible plush animal in the fundraising flyers. Herbie the Hedgehog is being released for this new school year, and he is perfect for schools, daycares, YMCA’s, and children’s hospitals.

Avon also put out an exclusive candle collection in this year’s fundraising options. You can also choose from bug guard, skin so soft, moisture therapy, anew, and makeup.

Each fundraiser can be tailored to the organizations needs, and fundraisers for different items can be spread out as needed over the year.

Take a look at the fundraising flyers Avon offers, and contact me to discuss setting up a fundraiser for your favorite organization!

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