Avon is having a different type of incentive giveaway this fall, straight up cash! The structure is very similar to the Drive Like a Boss incentive last year, when I earned all of the entries available towards a mini cooper, and I won! This year, I have a team of reps and I would love to see everyone going for the cash.

So, yes, you first need to be a representative to win these prizes. Do you still need to join? Take advantage of the Share the Love special offer where you can join for only ten dollars! Look at it this way, that increases your chances, to like exponentially more than winning lotto. So, it’s doable, And in this incentive the amount of entries you can earn is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU!

What are the prizes?

  • (4) $25,000 (1 per Region, much like cars last year)
  • (2) $10,000
  • (2) $5,000
  • (10) $1,000
  • (10) $500
  • (10) $500 (2 awarded at the close of each Campaign)

How do I earn entries into the cash drawings?

For reference, the day this post is published we are still in Campaign 18. Rake in the Cash runs from Campaign 20 to Campaign 24.

#1. There is an early entry offer where you earn one entry for every pack (of ten) C19 brochures you order over the amount of C18’s you ordered. So, if you purchase 5 packs of C18 brochures, and 15 packs of C19 brochures, you earn 10 entries to start the incentive with!! Please note that these entries will only count toward the grand prize drawings.

#2. Earn entries by beating your sales from the previous year. You will get an entry for every $100 sales increase over the same campaign prior year from C-20 to C-24.
Example: In C-21, 2017 you sold $250. In C-21, 2018 you sold $500. You have an extra $250 in sales so you would earn 2 entries in the campaign.

If you were not here last year, or did not have an order in the campaign, then Avon assigns a baseline for your sales at $100. Your friends who join during the incentive also have a chance to win!
Example: In C-21, 2017 you had no sales. In C-21, 2018 you sold $500. You would receive 4 entries.

When are the drawings going to be held?

There will be a bi-weekly drawing at the end of each campaign with winners selected from entries earned in that campaign.
Example: All C-20 entries will be entered into one drawing where two winners will be chosen and receive $500.
Bi-weekly drawings will occur on the Friday after the National close of each Campaign. Winners of bi-weekly drawing will be eligible for final drawing.

Drawing for the remaining prizes for entries earned C-19 to C-24 will occur on or around November 23, 2018. Limit one prize per Representative from the final drawing.
Cash prizes will be paid to you via cash, check, direct deposit, or prepaid card at Avon’s sole discretion by December 31, 2018.

Make sure you are enrolled in direct deposit!

Anyone can earn an exclusive necklace-

Get off to a strong start by placing an order in both Campaign 20 and 21, AND when you meet your personalized sales goal you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive “My Why” Locket Necklace.
Your reason for joining Avon is called your “Why”. Our founder, David H. McConnell started this company over 100 years with the dream of giving women financial independence. He used the oak tree as a symbol of our growing success. Achieve this necklace and carry this symbol and your reason for being a part of Avon with you wherever you go.
Your personal sales goal will be emailed to you by August 20, 2018.
Look for a tracking dashboard on YourAvon.com to track your progress towards your goal beginning August 24, 2018.
Achiever’s “My Why” Locket Necklace will drop in orders beginning in Campaign 25. You must place an order on YourAvon.com in Campaign 25, 26, or 1 to receive the reward.

The official rules will also be available in your back office. Good Luck everyone!