Do you love candles?

Avon’s candles are the perfect soy blend for a beautiful even burn, and a true fragrance that won’t overpower. The jars are also very pretty and easy to use decoratively.

I personally tend to stock up on candles in the fall and winter months, and in the past I’ve been biased towards leafy, pumpkiny, or apple scents. As an Avon rep, I get to demo our home products at a discount, and I have yet to meet an Avon candle that I don’t like!

Priced at a reasonable $11.99 per 11 oz. jar, each unique scent is released on a limited edition basis.

The current batch is perfect for the end of summer and I’m already enjoying this particular collection very much. They are all so fresh and unexpected. I’ll start with my top two favorites! (Click the photo to order your favorite.)

Garden Tomato

Garden Tomato is definitely a “green” scent… This is not the tomato you cut up in the kitchen, it’s the one you just picked off that slightly fuzzy green stalk on a sunny day! Breathe in the earthy and floral scents of these perfectly-picked notes.


• Tomato leaf

• Grapefruit

• Garden herbs

• White lily

Wildflower Honey

Get lost in blossoming notes of sweet honey and apple slices.


• Honey

• Apple

• Bourbon

• Cinnamon

Sea Salt Verbena

The scintillating sea meets a blossoming garden with notes of springtime freshness.


• Sea salt

• Verbena

• Lily of the valley

• Olive wood

Spiced Pear

The perfect compromise for those of us who love fall scents, but still need to live in the moment! Juicy fruit meets sugar and spice for a perfect, freshly-picked scent.


• Anjou pear

• Apple peel

• Allspice

• Brown sugar

Summer Rain

Get caught in the invigorating, earthy scent of freshly-fallen rain.


• Sea salt

• Water moss

• Musk

• Driftwood

Blackberry Jam

A freshly-picked scent of sweet, tangy and delectable notes.


• Wild blackberry

• Woodland fig

• Clementine

• Silver birch


• 3-wick candle

• 11 oz. candle

• 30 hours of burn time

• 4″ diam. x 3 1/4″ H.


• Glass jar

• Metal cover

• Wax candle


• Never leave burning candle unattended.

• Keep out of reach of children and pets.

• Keep away from things that can catch fire.

• Trim wick to 1/4″ (6.35 mm) each time before lighting.

Assembled in USA

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