Looking Forward to Repfest

I went to do a makeup live stream on facebook today, and I just could not stop gushing about Avon Repfest, which is less than two weeks away!

If you would like to see what I had to say, here is the replay:

Get Motivated and Inspired

So, when I first started my Avon journey about a year ago I did so because of the amazing success I was having with the Anew Skincare line.  My wrinkles were actually disappearing and I was getting proper hydration from my moisturizers!  I was following Dr. Nichols, a celebrity dermatologist who I had seen on the news recommending Anew Clinical treatments instead of in-office procedures!  Learning more about skincare would let me help my friends and family who were also interested in my results.

I saw that Repfest offered a skincare certification class and that was the primary reason I decided to go last year.

My belief is that my Avon business would not be where it is today had I not attended Repfest.

I would probably never have met the amazing people I am becoming close friends with, I would not have gone on a cruise to Bermuda, and  would not be driving a pink Mini Cooper Convertible, had I not attended Repfest!

Once I got there, my mind was completely blown.  I was able to meet so many successful six figure plus representatives, who were all so kind and helpful.  It really inspired me to take this business seriously even though it is pure joy and fun!  The presentations were completely over the top, the surprises were non-stop, the way our company helps women moved me to tears.  Not only with employment but by helping women beat breast cancer, and achieve healthy non abusive relationships.  I was able to see first hand what our company stands for and it made me so proud!

More Pictures

I did end up getting to meet Dr. Nichols as well!  Here is my selfie with her, and some pictures I took at product expo before anyone else got there!


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