Avon kids line features non-toxic, paraben free fun!

Avon is launching the highly anticipated kids line, that is up to speed on so many levels. It is fun, the products are cute, smell great, and work well. They are also non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and tear free! The products are the best-everything parents want for their kids, at an affordable price. The line includes everything kids love, including slime and fun characters!

Only $5.99 each!

Avon kids is great because it really does solve some problems. Parents generally want to buy their kids something better (and safer) than what they can find at the grocery store or pharmacy. But they may not always have the means or access to specialty shops when purchasing children’s bath products!

I used to love to buy brands like Mustela and Honest Co. bath products for my daughter, but they are not cheap and she grew bored of those. She started insisting on fun brightly colored character bottles instead. Which of course are usually loaded with ingredients parents don’t care for. What’s worse, she would start itching in the bath tub because she tends to overuse products, and we’d need to shower to rinse her off every time she was done.

Well so far we are not having those problems, and the Avon kids line is as enticing for my daughter as the character soaps used to be. The Avon kids characters seem to have an interesting appeal, my kiddo said they remind her of poop emojis. She especially loves the green slime body cleanser, and the apple foaming body wash and bubble bath. The ocean scented ones may be really nice for boys!

Using the triple threat shampoo, conditioner, and detangler all in one product is super convenient. And my daughter’s hair was extremely easy to comb through afterwards!

The bubble bath confused me at first because the consistency is pretty watery, but don’t let it fool you. It filled the tub with nice dense bubbles that did not disintegrate until after the tub was drained!

The hocus pocus lotion is AMAZING! It is marshmallow scented, although my daughter and I both agree we sense a hint of coconut. I absolutely love the texture and scent, and for sure will be carrying it around in my bag for my own personal use throughout the day!

Go ahead and purchase some of these great bath items for your kids! Or, sign up to sell Avon with me, and always be the first to get new product releases plus discounts and commissions.

We made a video with our first impressions. Be sure to check it out and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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