I have been doing business networking for the past fifteen years, mostly without a business card!  It’s not that I always had a virtual business card, I just usually forgot to carry it.  My business card ventures have always been like this… I start out really excited to design it, I think of people and businesses to share it with, and then I wind up being out and about with no cards anyway!


When I made connections, I assumed people would remember my name and look me up later, not always so!  I would wind up using the tool I always have with me wherever I go, my cell phone, to keep track of my connections and hopefully make a lasting enough impression that I would not be forgotten.  You never know when an important business connection will happen!

A Necessary Game-Changer

I discovered this app which comes not only a solution to this particular problem, but an amazing business tool in its own right for networking and marketing.  It’s the virtual business card powered by Elify and the Shuffle app.  There are many templates to choose from and my plan lets me design 10 cards at a time.  I know you’re ready, go ahead and check out my virtual business card!


Now when I make a connection, I use this app not only to send out my card, but I am able to collect my contact’s information at the same time!  They can also be updated when I make changes to the particular card they have been sent.

Your card can include links to call you, text you, and email you.  You can connect your card to your website, your social media, and your physical address!  You can feature multiple pictures, products, stories, even videos!  This is an incredible tool even for people who do not have a website, as it will give you an online presence without one!

Elify also allows shuffle users to purchase wave beacons that will broadcast your business card within a 70 yard area of your beacon.  This can be an invaluable tool for local markets!

You can learn more about the app, and start designing your own cards right here.