Summer Skin So Soft: Satin Glow

Skin so Soft comes out with some incredible seasonal products. I fell in love with Satin Glow last summer and I’m thrilled that Avon has brought it back! It’s Summer and we all want a Sun-Kissed Glow!

Now you can look like you’ve been on a tropical vacay without leaving home. Our moisturizing formulas give you a beautifully bronzed glow.

Satin Glow consists of three different products.

Two of these products are going to actually build a gradual self tan on your skin! The formulas are Body Gel Moisturizer, and Firming Body Lotion. I love that these are scented with hints of orange, green tea and vanilla. Your tan should start to be noticeable after three days!

My favorite is the firming lotion because I love multitasking products! I apply this at night before bed, so the magic can happen while I sleep.

In the morning I use the third Satin Glow product on my legs, arms, and anywhere I have exposed skin. The Skin Illuminator is gorgeous! It does not contain self tanner, it has a tinted highlight tone in the lotion itself!

It’s like Avon added just the right amount of dazzle drops to your favorite lotion! This lotion is great to use instead of pantyhose, and it diffuses imperfections like cellulite and varicose veins! It is a silky moisturizing cream with sunflower oil and sheer optical illuminators for a hint of color and the perfect sheen.

• Optical illuminators diffuse light to magically blur imperfections
• Silky moisturizing cream provides a hint of color and sheen
• Leaves your skin feeling radiant and satin-smooth

This is the perfect compliment to your night time lotions! Show off your summer skin with a subtle shimmer using Satin Glow by Skin so Soft!

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