Avon Starter Kit Unboxing

Today I made my first video specifically for my YouTube channel, and I decided to do an unboxing by taking apart the blockbuster sized premium Avon starter kit!

I am brand new to making videos and editing them. I had to keep stopping when my phone rang, so it got a little choppy. And I laughed about this, I just gave up on figuring out my backwards logo in the background! But you know what? I figured it was my first one, so all of the future videos I make will be better. We live and learn, so if you want to learn with me, subscribe to my YouTube channel too! I was actually not too concerned over technical issues during the filming because I was just so excited to see what products are in the current kit!

Here are my top four things you need to know about signing on with Avon:

1. When you sign up, you don’t actually need to sell. Plenty of Reps are in it purely because we love Avon’s products and want the personal discounts, your business is up to you!
2. If you do want to make money, a little or a lot of money, earn incentives such as vacations and more… I am here to help you, so sign up on my team! You will be eligible for a team bonus incentive if your first order is at least $150. More info here.
3. When you decide to sign up, it’s up to you to decide what price kit you want to purchase. Each kit comes with everything you need to start your business, plus assorted core products. The kits are $25, $50, and $100. This article and video show the $100 kit.
4. You do not need to wait on the mail, after you sign up you will have immediate access to your Avon back office where you can place orders, set up your FREE e-store, take Avon U courses and more. You are automatically enrolled in the kickstart program for new reps so you will get 40% on earnings AND personal discount.

If you go for the $100 kit, you will receive everything in the video and photos. Keep in mind, Avon will mail you current and future brochures that will vary depending on what campaign we are in at the time you join.

Premium Starter Kit Contents:

AVON Branded Black Tote with Gold Hardware
Marketing Materials and Fliers
Shopping Bags
20 Lipstick Samples
40 Skincare Samples
30 Skin So Soft Samples

Platinum Day Cream mini
Platinum Night Cream mini
Cream Cleanser Ultimate full size
Ultimate Day Cream full size
Ultimate Night Cream full size
Power Serum full size
Vitamin C Serum full size
Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual System full size

True Color:
Magix Face Perfecter full size
Makeup Removing Towelettes full size
Eye shadow Quad full size
Glimmersticks Eyeliner full size
3 Lipsticks full size

Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing Lotion full size
Skin so Soft:
Bath Oil full size
Hand Cream full size
Body Wash full size
Body Lotion full size

Far Away Fragrance full size
Haiku Fragrance full size

Did I miss anything? That list is huge! Here are the photos I took after the unboxing. If you have any questions, please contact me!






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