The It Bracelet

My current favorite piece of fashion jewelry hands down is the Avon beautiful birthstone wire bracelet. It is sophisticated and trendy at the same time with its bangle style, hammered gold tone metal, and organic shaped stone. The big stone is also surrounded by pave crystals and has a bezel set crystal in the center. My favorite is “June” simply because I love the sheer opalescent color, although I have several. I plan on completing my collection of all twelve this week when they go on sale, two for one!

I can wear these bracelets with almost every outfit because they are so fashionable and versatile. It pairs easily with jeans and a T shirt on casual days, as well as with a pretty dress or suit. The metal is beautiful and expensive looking, elevating any look to full luxe levels.

If you love trying fun fashion jewelry, but don’t want to make a big investment in each piece, check out Avon’s on-trend collections. You never have to sacrifice quality when you shop our jewelry. It does not turn, and cared for properly, will last a lifetime.

Sometimes I tell a story about my grandmother’s gorgeous pear shaped pendant and earrings. She wore them every day for a decade. I thought they were a fancy anniversary gift from my grandfather, and I always admired them. It wasn’t until years after she passed away and I went through some of her things, I found the pendant and earrings she loved so much. I was shocked to see they were from Avon, and still looked terrific after all those years.

The it bracelet would make an awesome first piece if you’ve never tried our jewelry before!

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