Tips for selling avon online: facebook groups

If you are part of any direct sales company and you want to create a group for current and potential customers, there are some considerations that will impact your success.  Selling Avon is fun and easy, and can even be done solely online!

Your group can be connected to your facebook public business page. It’s nice to have a related group because you are able to create fun and informative posts that do not need to be salesy. Your group can be friendly and social, and incorporate how you work your business and use your products. Talk about how your life has changed since your skin cleared up, or since you increased your income! Don’t be afraid to go live! It’s better to be live for three minutes than to write a very lengthy post. Add pictures to shorter posts!

The best pictures you can post will always be your own. Order your demos, and use them. By use them, I mean really make the most of them. Style yourself, or style up a display. Take photos! Play with it and be creative. Pre-made stock photography from your company is ok. But…

Your credibility is amplified when you prove to your followers over and over that you use and love your brand.

Why did you fall in love with your brand to begin with?  Why did you start selling Avon? Doesn’t it continue to impress and inspire you? Think about how you can share this, and how to put a smile on your customers face when they browse your page.

And of course, sharing product knowledge is just as valuable as sharing “insider information.” This includes your current special offers and sales, product launches, and your personal incentives.  Be honest with your opinion about your products.

Should you invite people to join your group or just add them yourself? My answer is not the popular answer, but hear me out. Most people will say, invite only. I think it’s fine to add!

If you add members to your group in one big shot, like all your female friends on facebook, you need to have a group that is worth being in!  Here are a couple must-do’s:
#1. Have content with some gorgeous photos of your own already posted. Have your current promotions and sales posted.
#2. Within an hour of adding everyone have a live stream prepared with products to demo and talk about current offers. Tell your group members right off the bat you added them because you think that they will love the topics in your group including avon, or your brand, and ask them to share and add friends as well.

Have fun in your group. Don’t feel like it needs to be solely about selling Avon. Your group could have the feel of an ongoing facebook party. Have raffles and special offers for customers… even do a giveaway for like and share on your livestream! It can just be a sample pack!

At the end of the day I think people don’t mind being added to a group that’s giving them useful information, and is about something other than making a sale. Let your personality shine through, and try to connect with people! After all, our business is based on building relationships.

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