Customizing your logo for beginners

You can download free apps on your phone that will make it very easy to edit pictures, add text, make collages, and personalize your brand! I will walk you through how to customize the Avon logo, because I think that’s a great basic starting point if you are new to basic photo editing.

The two apps I like to use the most are are wordswag and collage maker. With wordswag, you can add text to your photos, which can really help you create some great marketing material and memes, skies the limit! I always recommend photographing your own demo products instead of using stock photos, this will increase your credibility to your customers and team, I promise. I used wordswag to create this one:


Collage Maker is great because it is so multi-functional. Of course, you can use it to create collages, but it also works to edit photos, personalize and customize with text, special effects, and more. I use collage maker to make things like this all the time:


Also facebook and instagram both offer photo editing options that you can take advantage of before you post! Let’s try it in our logo customization. It’s best to just do this on your phone, so make sure you download the apps you will need. The ones I use are all free.

First, you will need to download a clean Avon logo, like this one. Feel free to use this!


Next, you will want to open the collage maker app. Select the photo editor option. Now you will be able to customize your logo any way you want. I only used the text feature, adding my name and url’s. Play with fonts and sizes until you’re happy! When you are finished just hit save, and the image will be available in your photo gallery.


For the image I made I used facebook to finish out the frame/border. To do this, just go to post your picture on facebook, and select the edit button in the bottom left hand corner of your preview.


This will let you choose effects, and you can enhance your logo with a cute border. You can post your photo, or just save it to use elsewhere! There are lots of editors you can download with these types of effects, it’s just nice to have a shortcut sometimes.


If you are a beginner, and you just follow these steps, you will learn something very useful for your business! Have fun with it.

Are you ready for more? Avon offers representatives free business coaching! Are you ready to join my team yet? It’s a very exciting time to start!

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  1. Hey sweetie. I so admire your blog! I am wandering if you could help guide me to creating my blog? I’m so confused and I have no idea where to start lol!


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