The Awards Banquet

Today, I attended the Avon Presidents Club Recognition Program Gala for 2017. While the great majority of my Avon friends and mentors live in other states, it was nice to meet some local top reps as well.

To be invited to this event, which is also called the PRP tribute for short, you must be a President’s Club member. This means your year end sales total exceeded $10,000.00.

Avon has so many opportunities for rewards and recognition, not only based on personal sales, but also for leadership and team building.

After just my first year with Avon, I was able to be recognized with rewards at this amazing event! I love that our company appreciates, supports, and rewards new representatives just as much as the veterans!

So here are all the goodies I received.

My awards include a certificate of recognition for sales level advancement, the surprisingly heavy “oscarette” for achieving Honor Society, and the beautiful Honor Society pin. Avon also gave everyone products, because of course, they love to spoil their reps!

If you’re interested in joining me next year, join my team! All it takes is $25 and the will to succeed.

Here are some more photos from the PRP tribute.

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