Tips for Starting Your Avon Business: #1 Choosing the Right Mentor!

I’m so happy to talk to anyone who wants to sign up for Avon, I thought I’d write a little blog series! First things first, the number one tip is to choose the right mentor! You can be very successful in this business even if you are brand new to Avon, sales, or network marketing.

In my first five months with Avon, I had earned over $9,000 in personal sales alone, I began developing a team and was rewarded with over $2,000 in leadership bonuses, and I earned every single entry for our Drive Like a Boss Incentive, getting me behind the wheel of a brand new pink Mini Cooper!

At the end of my short first year (five months), I had achieved not only Presidents Club level sales ensuring I will continue to earn 40% commission, but I also made the next level, called Honor Society!

In leadership, I advanced in title three times, getting to Gold Ambassador during our busy fourth quarter! This truly excites me, as my view of Avon centers around the concept of sales being money right now, and leadership as the long term security investment.

By my seventh month with this amazing company that just loves to spoil their reps, I had earned our inventive trip, Cruise Like a Boss to Bermuda!

I was even recognized with an award for my ability to earn incentive points in a variety of different ways!

I can’t wait to see what else pops up on the Avon horizon, everything this company does is so much fun.

I needed to brag on myself a bit, because I think it’s important to choose a mentor who knows how to achieve and how to succeed in this business. I want every person who signs up on my team to have the same success and more in their first year! I am so excited to show you how, and work with you to reach your goals!

By the way, I work on my avon business between five and ten hours per week, so if you treat this as a full time job just think how much you could achieve!

I promise, it is not difficult to be successful with this company. I have team members who sign up for the discount, or just to earn enough to pay a couple bills each month, or just to go on the trips! I can help you get those goals!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

John my team by following the Sell Avon link on

You can also join by using reference code juliagrace at

Look out for tip #2 Choosing the Best Starter Kit! You can start avon for $25!

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